So, is it innocent until proven guilty or the other way round?

On recent developments in copyright lawsuit related to my book "Life, Odds & Ends"

I Feel... I Think... Pages from My Diary

क्या चेतन भगत ने बैंगलोर की इस लड़की से चोरी की है?

Writer Chetan Bhagat has been accused of plagiarism by a Bengaluru-based...

The Hon’ble Court Bangalore has granted temporary injunction restraining Chetan Bhagat from selling the book 'One Indian Girl' after Anvita Bajpai filed a suit claiming it to be an intelligent copy of her story 'Drawing Parallels' from the book 'Life, Odds & Ends'.

Modern day's "The Merchant of Venice"

Turning Inwards

“TURNING POINTS of uncommon people” is up @ Amazon.

For upcoming book titled "TURNING POINTS of uncommon people" by 'Anvita ...

an excerpts from 'Acknowledgements' from my upcoming book titled 'Turning Points of uncommon people'

Author's Turning Point :)